Stretch Physical Therapy


In addition to the baseball/softball foundation, it is important for the player to have ideal flexibility and proper movements needed to play at peak performance. The flexibility and correct initiation of muscles of players are key in their sport development, as well as being a strong preventative to injuries.


We are glad to announce our new partnership with our neighbors, Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness.  Kim Nartker, owner of Stretch, is a leading expert in baseball/softball performance to avoid injuries, as well as helping players improve performance in all aspects of the game.


In this partnership, Kim and the rest of the staff at Stretch, are offering our players a free hitting/throwing assessment. This assessment will look at movements needed to play the game at your best and will score the player in four different categories:

1. Movements are within fitness level sufficient for baseball/softball

2. Deficits were found, recommend baseball conditioning program

3. Movements not correct/with some restrictions found (Recommend personalized program to fix)

4. Significant deficits identified that will impact baseball performance and place player at risk for injury

All you have to do to reserve your free assessment is contact Stretch’s owner, Kim Nartker, at askkim@stretchphysicaltherapy.com

Don’t forget to mention that you are a part of the Elite Baseball family!