Marty Crow

Baseball Instructor:  Hitting, Pitching, Catching


Marty has been a private and group instructor for over 7 years at Mason Indoor Baseball (MIB).
 Working in all areas of baseball with all ages, Marty has a real knack for working with younger players, keeping them enthusiastic and entertained.
Marty’s other specialty is working with teams.  He conducts many team sessions for pitchers and hitters throughout the year, specializing in large groups of 10 and 8 at a time.
  One of the few “catcher” instructors around, Marty saw his own son through high school as a top catcher in the area, giving him a keen understanding of
the catching position and the tools needed to reach your maximum potential.
For specific positions, or all around play, Marty Crow is available for private, group or team instruction.