Dave Bell

Softball Instructor:  Hitting and Slapping

I have been coaching fast pitch for 12 years including 8 years travel ball (16U and 18U) and the past 4 years as the Varsity assistant for Mason High School. I have been providing private instruction for the past 10 years in both hitting and slapping.

My approach to hitting focuses on both the physical and the mental skills needed to be successful. I believe hitters should be able to perform on and off the field, in softball and in life.

I do not have a “1 swing fits all” approach and try to work with each girl as an individual. That said, I do believe in the fundamentals and insist on quality work outside of our time together. Girls will find they get out of the lesson what they put into it. Athletes that are not willing to do so are encouraged to find a more suitable match.

To parents, my focus is on the process, not the product. I don’t care about batting averages and neither to coaches. I care about effort. I will insist that your daughter gives her best effort in every at swing of every at bat. I don’t make promises about raising averages or hitting a certain number of home runs. I will promise that your daughter learns to understand what she can control and how to make her body and mind perform to the best of her ability.

The list of girls continuing their dream is why I keep doing this. I’m proud of every girl that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Those softball careers have continued at many universities including Purdue, Indiana State, Miami, Ohio, Bowling Green, Transylvania, Heidelberg, Cedarville, Mount St. Joe, Eastern Kentucky, Northern Kentucky, Kentucky Wesleyan, Tennessee Tech, and Valdosta State.